Welcome to Technofreak

Hello there. I'm Gregor, owner of Technofreak. I'm located in Central Scotland and have been in the technology business since 1988.

360 Degree Photography


Some examples of how I can embed 360 degree photos into web sites allowing customers to take a virtual tour. All images can be resized to suit the layout of each site.

This first example is stored on the same hosting as the web site and works well with mobile devices. Move the device around to view the different parts of the image. You can also navigate using your finger on all touch screen devices and pointer on PCs.

Direct from Google

I'm a trusted Google Street View photographer and my services include submitting your images to Google. This allows me to embed the images hosted by Google which you can navigate on all devices by dragging your pointer or finger around the image. You can also zoom in and out by pinching with your fingers or using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Rotating on local hosting

Using custom code I can have an auto rotating 360 degree image on your web site. This could be used as a banner at the top of your web page to create a unusal effect not often seen on web sites due to the mixtures of technology and coding required to generate the rotating image.

Contact info

Feel free to contact me with any queries via the form below or social media.

07709 574616, 01324 861562 Gateside Cottage, Avonbridge. FK1 2HN. gregor@technofreak.com